Piping hot sizzlers serving you delight: Here’s where to get the best sizzler in Delhi

Tired of hanging out at greasy food courts at malls to get some decent sizzlers? Worry no more! Recently, I stumbled upon this cozy little place at Connaught Place and was actually amazed. 

First things first, yes, it is cosy. But no, not so little that you’d feel like a bear in a china shop. A two-storied joint just opposite PVR, CP, Gola Sizzlers is the place I do recommend for every one there craving for some piping hot food! 

For a place I wasn’t aware of until only recently, this place has a crazy footfall even for a Monday. That’s right! It was packed — both the floors. So it’s okay to assume that the word of mouth has done has gone out, and pretty much positively so.   

With a swear-to-god amazing in-house tartar sauce, I gorged on Fish Tikka, Amritsari Fish, Fish Crumb, and Gin Fish.

Let’s come to the food part now. Goal Sizzlers has a compact and detailed menu, but not an extensive one that goes on confusing customers rather than enticing them. Honestly, I looked up the menu online before visiting the place, and it certainly does a good job of luring you in to its den. 

I had a fish platter which pretty much covered most of the fish starters offered in the menu. With a swear-to-god amazing in-house tartar sauce, I gorged on Fish Tikka, Amritsari Fish, Fish Crumb, and Gin Fish. I recommend this highly! The chicken platter is also not bad but I guess it is something so overdone, you’d not want to try it here. 

Next, I went for the sizzlers straight away. You would have sufficient great options from continental and Chinese sizzlers but since I was in the mood for some prawn, I ordered Prawn in Garlic Sauce Sizzler. And oh, my! While the dish came down to my table with that cracking, sizzling sound and that appetising aroma of the burnt smoke, my tummy was already happy and my mouth stifling a smile. And it did taste just how I wanted it to. Hot, fresh, and cooked just with the perfect amount of spices. The quantity is a lot and I would recommend you share a dish. 

However, though the place looks magical with all the white drapes in some of the booths and food does taste really good, I would say, the price is a little heavy on the pocket. For a standard meal for two without alcohol, it would cost you not less than 16 grands. 

Anyway, all in all, Gola Sizzlers gets my attention fully and I recommend my readers and fellow foodies to give it a try. You actually won’t be disappointed. 

Fact: Gola Sizzlers also has branches in Noida and Ghaziabad.