What makes Singapore Airlines the best in business: An honest review

I recently had the fortune to visit the exotic Indonesian island of Bali and to be honest, my journey from the start to finish have been immensely comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable.

I recently had the fortune to visit the exotic Indonesian island of Bali and to be honest, my journey from the start to finish have been immensely comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable. All my flights this time were booked with Singapore Airlines and this is just an appreciation post because I have instantly fell in love with them the moment I boarded the flight from Delhi.  I have travelled Emirates Airlines before to Europe, which has over the years been known as a 5-star flight service. But Singapore Airlines was a different story. Their staff, comfort, food – everything seemed to work perfectly to delight me and my curious traveller’s mind.


Check-in was super easy. Their app is extremely user-friendly and I easily checked in while on my way to the airport in the cab. On reaching the airport, I noticed there was comparatively a smaller queue at the online booking counter and I got my baggage checked in in no time! They have separate counters for Business Class, First Class and Economy and the Singapore Airlines staff are the most polite ones I have come across.

The look and feel

When it was time for my flight, I saw the gigantic career waiting and I got excited to board the world’s number one airline for the first time. And what a superb flight it was! Mine was a 6-hour flight to Singapore Changi where I would need to change for another flight to Bali Denpasar. The entire journey was a peaceful sojourn for me. The separate classes took my breath away. The career begins with the Business class rows followed by the Premium Economy seats, which is then backed by the very comfortable economy seats. The First Class Suites is situated upstairs.

First of all, I loved how subtle and muted their décor is – along with the cabin crew’s uniform. They all seemed to blend in perfectly and the ambiance was very calming. Even though I did not ask, they were very keen on helping me put my carry-on bag in the overhead bin (well, I am a short person). As I sat on my aisle seat, I saw they already had their blanket and amenity kits at the ready! I felt the most comfortable pillow I could ever lay my hands on and already calculated a sound sleep in my mind. My trip is set; I gave a little squeal inside.

Cabin Crew and Food

The cabin crew and flight attendants go beyond their way to help you out. You name anything; they will bring it to you and see to it personally that your whimsical demands are met, and that you’re in comfort. By the way, they have great set menus for different inbound and outbound flights. I had some terrific Punjabi non-veg meal on my way to Singapore and a fantastic oriental selection on my way back. While on the way to Bali Denpasar from Singapore, some of the passengers, however, did not get a proper vegetarian meal. But the staff managed to combine some veg bowls from the non-veg plates and concoct something for them as well. You have good alcohol and drinks as well. Just ask for a refill, and they will be happy to oblige. The cabin crew really is a sweet bunch of people, at least in my experience.

In-Flight entertainment

Okay, their in-flight entertainment is way better than Emirates’. I can vouch for that! Imagine getting all the latest movies and latest seasons of some of the coolest shows you watch. I saw Mindy Kaling’s new movie with Emma Thompson, Late Night, and on my flight back to Delhi, I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood! I was updated with my movies. I also saw a really great thriller, which I absolutely loved! But I’m digressing again. Let’s just say, I was bowled over by their tonnes of options — I even caught some episodes Sex and the City on my way to Bali from Singapore. You can also read many online magazines available in their in-flight entertainment options. Singapore Airlines quite literally spoils you with goodness, to be honest.

Shopping with Singapore Airlines

You heard me right. KrisShop is Singapore Airlines’ flagship retailer. They offer a fabulous selection of over 2,000 products on KrisShop.com, ranging from cosmetics and fragrance to electronics and exclusive co-branded items. You can buy them at great deals while onboard the flight, or even online! You can just place your order on KrisShop.com and get your product delivered to your next Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flight, or even directly to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. Isn’t that amazing!


Also, you can opt to redeem your KrisFlyer miles for your purchases on KrisShop.com, partially or in full. There’s a wonderful policy that you even mix miles and cash to pay for your KrisShop purchases. This will in fact, earn you 1.5 KrisFlyer miles for every S$1 paid with your credit or debit card.