Theory of gastronomy: A guilt free trip to Chingari at Park Plaza

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Chef Devinder understands the theory of food pretty well. A leisure for him would be teaching his kids cooking! Wow! A chef by heart couldn’t be better. But when at Park Plaza CBD Shahdara’s kitchen, he makes sure to run riot with his pans and spoons. After all, guests are awaiting at the restaurant to try out his magnum opus.
And arrives on the table a heap of proteins disguised as an array of non-vegetarian starters. Well, there are Ajwaini Fish Tikka, Murg Malai Kebab, Reshmi Seekh Kebab. As I took the first bite into Reshmi Seekh, the succulent chicken skewers started getting melted under my tongue. This has happened before but the tenderness in chicken is something I haven’t experienced lately. Even in the famous Al Jawahar these days, the chicken in Malai Kebab tend to be rough. Chef has passed with flying colours in paper I.
What then followed was free flow of proteins with Indian spices. Mahi Kaliyan, river sole cooked on dum. Well, we have heard tales of meat in dum and how the romance of aroma evolves, but this one was a notch above. The distinctness between a non dum sole and dum pakht sole is quite evident, I see. While the fish could have been a bit tenderer, the gravy that embraced it collected all the brownie points.
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The next in the Indian 4 course meal was Balti Gosht with a powerful duet of Biryani. Baby lamb meat cooked with roasted spices was something that would make heaven wait. What’s missing here? The bad wild odour of lamb that has been a tradition in tons of ‘great places’. But Chef Devinder nailed it on point. His sorcery of spices has disappeared the odour altogether yet there is no overpowering of spices. The biryani went well with the Gosht.
In dessert, we tried Litchi Ice cream. An untimely litchi with vanilla ice cream could taste so heavenly wasn’t something I was aware of. After a heartfelt meal, as I walked out of Chingari, Park Plaza CBD Shahdara’s celebrated restaurant, I could finally waive off the guilt that comes with Indian cuisine and thanked the Chef enough for making me sample a slice of what a meal at heaven would taste like.

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