The Green Bistro serves good food easy on the tummy as well on the pocket

For the longest time, my palate was craving some simple European food: non-expensive and easy on the tummy. And the moment I heard of this hip new place serving exactly that in the heart of Ghaziabad, I was up for a trial. About 20 minutes from my Noida home, Shipra Mall in the bustling new area of Ghaziabad has come up with a new restaurant, The Green Bistro. Tastefully decorated, The Green Bistro is the sister concern of Ghaziabad’s Reader’s Café, quite a popular hangout spot in the locality.

True to its name, the accent wall of the café is completely covered with a vertical garden with real plants, as are the front pillars at its entrance. The vibe of the café is quite casual, with very comfortable seating done artfully in neutral colours, giving the whole ambiance a white, beige, and green theme. The Green Bistro’s motto seems pretty positive from its vibe, and they want to play along with the fresh, green theme a little more. Owner Anuj Mittal even wants to keep real plants, planters, and pots that people could take away or buy from the place, once the bistro gets up and running. Already witnessing decent footfalls even before its marketing and publicity has started, The Green Bistro is showing a great deal of promise to the restaurant market around urban Ghaziabad.    

Now, coming to the main part of my visit: the food. The Green Bistro has quite an extensive menu, given that it’s only been 2 weeks since its inception. The café provides one with decent options of veg and non-veg with some delectable oriental and European cuisine. They have some great tea and coffee options, which is actually a smart move for a café at a mall. Along with good pasta and pizza, The Green Bistro’s signature sandwiches are some of the bestselling ones already. I tried the lemon iced tea, which was genuinely refreshing during this immense humidity of September. My partner had the honey ginger lemonade and he seemed too happy with his choice. The best part about the mocktails is that it is not sweetened with artificial syrup or sweetener and the little bit of sugar that the drinks had, was all-natural. So, I definitely recommend all the tired shoppers and the kitty party ladies at the mall to have their afternoon drinks at The Green Bistro. You won’t regret it.

My menu consisted of some Chinese Arancini, which were some fried orbs filled with melted cheese that exploded in my mouth playfully; Dry Szechuan Fish which was tangy, sweet and crispy. For the main course we shared a Chicken Tikka Pizza, which was, and I’m honestly saying this, one of the best pizzas I’ve had in the NCR. They had just the right amount of cheese; the thin crust was crusty that did not sog with the cheesy dressing, the sauce was neither too sweet, nor too spicy, and there were just too many chicken pieces on the pizza. We could hardly finish two slices each and had to send back the rest, as we were too full.

The Green Bistro is quite a nice little place to have a low-key birthday brunch, a cute date, or a meet-up with friends. Their drinks are superb, as are the pizzas and their sandwiches. For veg lovers, I recommend Popeye’s Love. It is a pizza with textured spinach glazed with lemon and honey, with an array of corn, olives, onions, tomatoes, and a fresh garnish of basil leaves.