Poetree Sarovar Portico: For The Dormant Poets In Us


Sitting in the lap of the misty hills of Periyar, Poetree Sarovar Portico resort tucks you inside a dreamy blanket of clouds and greenery. Kerala’s offbeat location, situated in the district of Idukki, Thekkady offers you more than just coconuts or blinding greenery.


Summer hadn’t ended yet. As the car winded past the numerous tea estates and playful clouds, I noticed how the road ahead went zigzag through the hills as it poured merrily on the leaves, the negligible concrete, and on the roof of the hotel car — the sweet sound of impingement following us to Poetree, a resort which seriously couldn’t be more aptly named.

As we entered the huge property and stood at the reception lobby, we were greeted by some refreshing green tea and a neckpiece beaded with cardamoms. Such spicy treatment is always welcome!


I noticed how the giant lobby window overlooked the sprawling property amidst the hills, eyeing the clouds floating above the very visible Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. The lobby is comparatively small. Small in the sense it makes you feel extremely cozy, yet airy. The walls are decked with pencil sketches of elephants found in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a stone’s throw away. Adorable!


Francis escorted us to our pretty little room that looks like a thatched hut from the outside. It’ s a suite with a view to die for! My husband asked if we could stay there forever. “Imagine waking up to this everyday,” an overwhelmed Charlie sighed with the knowledge of such impossibilities. Francis, being the prefect gentleman, briefed us on all the particulars and instructed us to have a great time. Bless his soul!

And then we moved on to have our lunch. We had to walk up to the huge pool area and from there take the elevator to the first floor. Fun fact about the pool: it was constructed by carving out one single humungous stone on the hill which still remains unmoved, overlooking the naked nature.


Food is as good as it gets. Very pettily put. Let me rephrase: Poetree Sarovar Portico designs its menu very meticulously too suit each of their guest’s palate. Their diligent effort in creating a menu comprising of multifarious cuisines reflect in their succulent dishes garnished with piquant flavors. Manager Vaisakh Surendran and Chef Jaikrishna Pillai make sure Poetree Sarovar Portico, Thekkady hosts their guests with the warmth of familiarity sprinkled with the aroma of local seasoning.


The night sky from the Poetree Sarovar is nothing less than stunning. Star-studded and misty, the airspace was gleaming with the serene light of darkness. And the hills lulled to a state of somnolent awe. As we rested by the pool after dinner, our silence was broken by a chatter I understood coming form the roof. The staff and the manager had assembled to fly kites. That’s how life at Poetree is.


The next morning Francis took us to the Periyar Lake, an arresting view of a clear stream of water, housed between hills painted with an abundance of pastel green. The area is a clearing in a forest, near the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. We were at the hem of the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.


Francis, being the perfect guide, took us on a trip beyond the itinerary. He showed us the hills, the impromptu waterfalls, the wild sky heavy with clouds threatening to pour down. But we glided along the serpentine route to the next state—like runaways. The air so fresh you would hate the existence of a single proof of industrial modernization.


We sped along a long stretch of road on a valley lined with coconut trees on both sides and the waving hills as omniscient observers. I noticed acres and acres of grape vines stretched across the valley on either side of the road. Francis stopped at one and took us in. I was a vine virgin before and we couldn’t thank Francis enough for the beautiful experience. On our way back we enjoyed some luscious mangoes and tender coconut. Simple days, simple things, simple happiness…seem like a dream in this complicated humdrum of cacophonies.


I should mention the spice walk we had. Thekkady, being one of the world’s best spice valleys, has offices that conduct tours of a spice garden. My husband was particularly interested with this exercise and was actually thrilled to know some hardcore facts on herbs and their benefits. Here’s a picture of him smelling a leaf and the spice expert in all his smugness.


Poetree Sarovar Portico made us feel like home while on a splendid vacation, and made us taste the essence of Kerala to our heart’s content.

Adress: Ottakathalamedu, Amaravathy P.O.,Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509
Phone: 086069 98448

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