Old Monk Cocktail: Here’s how to make Plumpkin

Old Monk, the world's favourite dark rum is a great ingredient for a cool cocktail. You just need to add some plums.

Plum -7- 8 chunksLemon - 4 ChunksMint Leafs - 4-6 leafBrown sugar sachet – 1 no.Lemon juice -15 mlOld Monk -60 mlSoda%2FPepsi - Top UpCrush Ice- 1 ScoopMojito mint monin syrup - 10mlGlass - High Ball (1)
Kapil Mohan, the man behind the age old brand Old Monk is no more. Till many years, Old Monk was the most recognized dark rum globally. Such is the charm of Old Monk. As a mark of respect, here’s a unique cocktail recipe by Plaza Premium Lounge, New Delhi. The cocktail has been specially curated by the mixologist at Plaza Premium Lounge.

Here’s how you can make this gem at home

Plum -7- 8 chunks
Lemon – 4 Chunks
Mint Leafs – 4-6 leaf
Brown sugar sachet – 1 no.
Lemon juice -15 ml
Old Monk -60 ml
Soda/Pepsi – Top Up
Crush Ice- 1 Scoop
Mojito mint monin syrup – 10ml
Glass – High Ball


1. Take a high ball glass and add some crushed ice, lemon chunks, mint leaf and
muddle them a bit
2. Pour 60 ml of Old Monk and add some Mojito mint syrup, lemon juice, Pepsi and
mix a sachet of brown sugar. Stir everything well.
3. Finally add some chunks of fresh plums and lemons to the cocktail. Serve chilled