Monsoon in the mountains: RS Sarovar Portico Palampur


Do the mountains speak to you? Do the clouds move in harmony with the music of the terrain? I’m sure they do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be craving for those tiny weekend trips to the hills, just for a breath of fresh air. Your new air-conditioner does the same perhaps.


It was one of these weekends that I went to Palampur, a quaint little hill town in Himachal, away from the bustle of cacophonies, but tucked in the cocoon of life, buzzing silently around us. Palampur is not the regular hill town, with all the regular pahaari people. It is a town we know, it has the life we can grasp around us. But it is far away. It is simple. It has no embellishments. Therefore, it is beautiful.
On a gloomy monsoon Friday, we set out from Delhi and reached Palampur in about 2 and a half hours from Pathankot railway station next morning. With the gorgeous Sarovar portico Palampur welcoming us with their signature warmth and hospitality, our trip had a wonderful start.
Rains in the mountains is a sight to withhold with awe. If you have not witnessed that yet, you’re missing out on a major chunk of travel pleasures, mate!
The evening samosa with chai and the pouring clouds floating above the giant window had us all sorted for the night.
Dinner was served at their fantastic revolving restaurant, Cloud 7, probably the star of Palampur. You can actually have a 360 degree view of the gorgeous little hill town while slurping all that hot soup and chewing on the mutton leg piece. Well, it is that graphic!

While breakfast next day was enjoyed at the pretty terrace restaurant named “Terrace”, with a huge spread that fills you up for a good 6-7 hours.
General manager Rohit Verma was more than graceful in his efforts to make our stay comfortable and he made us believe how the Sarovar Palampur property strived to make the beautiful town a little more known to the travel thirsty people. Trekkers take a note, the Sarovar staff are more than enthusiastic to bestow you some knowledge in how to drag your legs to the nearby peak. It’s super fun, they said.
So next time, you’re up for a weekend trip to a place not haunted by your loud neighbours with the smug kid, think of Palampur. And definitely stay at my personal favourite hotel, Sarovar Portico, to make it memorable.