Last Call: Khan Market’s new bar actually cares for you

Picture this: Friday night, you’re out with people that matter, in a swanky new bar. That’s not that hard to imagine! In fact, it graphically real to you. Admit it.
But what if I told you, there’s a way to up your Friday-night swag and stretch your happy evening a little?

Delhi’s upscale retail location Khan Market has a new addition that promises to make you feel good about your ‘last call’, a term you childishly abhor. Well, that’s the name of the new pub I’m talking about. Like any other good pub, Last Call serves extra decent beverage along with some succulent dishes. But what’s unique about Last Call is the way the drinks are customized according to the time of day.


Last Call is pretty sure about the fact that your bartender will know more about the drink more than you do. Which, for me, is absolutely true! He studied me and checked how I like my drinks. And then, made me a concoction that blew my mind but kept my senses on! Oh! But yes, I was happy high…which were off in some minutes. Because it was late in the night and the bartender knew I would drive home. That’s like bringing your elder brother to the club who’s not a killjoy!


What I’m trying to say is, Last Call makes your drinks according to the time of day. The day would have a lighter alcohol content with some easy and breezy drinks to not numb your senses but for you to enjoy just enough, whereas the early evening would get your the swankier drinks. As the night progresses, the bartender starts worrying about you, makes you a decent drink that lets you have all the fun but won’t let you slur. You order drinks and food and have an intimate or an informal sesh with your friends/family upstairs, and then make your last call downstairs where you dance to the DJ’s tune. Fun, effective, and pretty safe!


I should tell you about the food. It’s brilliant! Last Call claims that every item on the menu they serve is not a big portion. But what I observed was that it was just fine for me and my husband. We are big foodies, mind you! My absolute favourite was the Calamari Fritters with Dynamite sauce. While Charlie was talking to the bartender, I devoured the whole plate myself! It was that amazing.


The Duck is a special mention. It is a pan-seared duck breast cooked to perfection with apricot puree, ratte potatoes, pistachio dust and wine jus. Tell me you’re already salivating!

Another special mention: the pizza! If you’re there, do order the Pollo Affumicato with smoked chicken, bell pepper, feta cheese, and sundried tomato. All I had to say was Mamma Mia!

The chocolate cheesecake for dessert was just a party in my mouth! By the time I finished my dessert, the martini and the tequila had worn off and I was content beyond words!