Monsoon in Kerala : Crowne Plaza Kochi

My husband and I decided last year that we must make it our tradition to visit Kerala every year in the monsoon. One year, one slice of Kerala.
This year, due to crunch of time, we flew to Kochi and decided to stay there and explore the backwaters for 2 days. It took hardly half an hour to reach Kochi Crowne Plaza where an unbelievably sweet staff showered us with all the smile and politeness there is in the world! As Emily took us to our room, we felt how grand the hotel actually can be. The best part of Crowne Plaza Kochi is that besides the pomp and pleasure of luxury of material things, Kerala promises you indulge in the sweet luxury of nature, with you having to exert your physical capabilities, or even your pockets.

The room overlooked the grand backwaters that have little boats streaming along and the sun, the clouds, the birds, and the rains…all merging in sync to produce an alluring enigma for us to never leave this place. Such is the beauty of the south.
A hugely satisfying lunch at Mezzaria helped us with a peaceful siesta and as we woke up, we were told a little tea shack at the back porch was waiting for us. As we hurried down, the petrichor hit us hard, and the drizzle gave us tremendous monsoon thrill. So yes, this is indeed monsoon. Beautiful, green, chirping birds, drizzling poetry, and filter coffee. No Delhi, I did not miss you.

This amazing anna made us filter coffee as we were drenching our senses in the cool, wet breeze that overpowered our brains into not thinking but just to sit and be relaxed. Aah, Kerala!

Dinner at Mezzaria was just as comforting and we proceeded to our slumber that called for a good reading session before that, sitting beside the window that looked down on the gigantic backwaters.

Next morning, we spent our day sightseeing, stopping at random places in and around Kochi, discovering some beauteous sights that enriched the vacation. We first stopped at a Church that intrigued me a way too much than normal. Probably because it was built around the 1500s. Our way to Fort Kochi was short but pretty, navigating through the town to reach at a little beach to find huge ships harboured at the other bank. A quick visit to a saree shop was impulsive, but the white saree with golden borders is a treasure I will cherish.

Next stop, Wellington Island. It was a Sunday and nobody works on a Sunday! Familiar? No? Come to Kerala once! You’ll believe. So Wellington Island was deserted except for us and our car zooming past the overpowering greenery. It was a port, with boats and ships anchored that had no one around. I couldn’t but marvel at the silence all around that had such a beautiful charm it was hard for us to process. But we were famished by then and rushed to the hotel to have our wonderful lunch at Mezzaria with the wonderful pool-view on the special Sunday brunch session.
The evening was booked for a one-hour spa session at Sohum that left us completely and utterly relaxed by the end of it, as if there was room for any more rlexation. Surprisingly, there was! And Sohum was just the place for us to realise that.

Dinner was special that evening. We were already feeling nostalgic to leave Kochi next morning. But, Masterchef Regimon, a culinary celebrity, laid a special local spread to tantalize our taste buds further that evening. With mouth-watering dishes, his special recipes, and the wonderful demeanour of each and every staff of Trilogy.

Oh I forgot about the ginormous pool, didn’t I? Not much to say except that the main pool is located a secluded spot, covers a large area, with separate kiddie pool and is gorgous! Don’t believe me, just watch.

Until next time, Kerala!

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