Flying Air Mauritius was a joyride

I cross my heart when I say this. But Air Mauritius has been an extremely relaxing and pleasant experience for me, especially when there were tons of flight options available.

My first visit to the spectacular East African island country of Mauritius was more than eventful and I returned home fresh, rejuvenated and high on adrenaline! But people often ask me, “The journey from Delhi is quite long. How did you manage such a long-haul flight?” The answer is pretty simple: Air Mauritius.

Image credit: Air Mauritius

I cross my heart when I say this. But Air Mauritius has been an extremely relaxing and pleasant experience for me, especially when there were tons of flight options available. I did some research and found Air Mauritius to have been an award-winning airline in the Indian Ocean sphere. A 4-star airline with better in-flight entertainment options than any other I’ve recently seen, Air Mauritius truly sets the bar up high – quite literally.

Here’s what I felt about the overall experience.


Check-in was pretty easy and hassle-free, to be honest. Air Mauritius has a dedicated counter at Delhi and Mumbai airports, with a streamlined system to avoid jumbling up ques. Business Class, Baggage Drop (for the ones who’ve already completed their web check-in), and Economy Boarding have their separate lines and there are people to guide the passengers through the slots, who might be confused. You also have an option to upgrade to Business Class, which is a whole new level of a luxurious experience. It should be best to mention that Air Mauritius’ web check-in process is super convenient. Whether you do it through their app or the web, choosing a seat prior to your flight is free of charge, which I think is pretty cool for such a classy airline.  


Let me be clear from the very beginning. I weigh more than 80 kgs (I’m not proud of it) and if I could survive the 7-hour flight, chances are, you most definitely will. I wrapped their teal blue blanket around me minutes after the plane took off, got their comfy pillow behind my neck, and dozed off. It was only until the breakfast time, when the flight attendant politely woke me up. I did need to fuel up.


From India to Mauritius, Air Mauritius serves food two times, and I got to have breakfast and lunch both. They have their own cuisine served, which is actually very tasty. Mauritian cuisine is rooted in a mosaic of cultures around the globe. Their variety of Creole, European, Indian, and Asian dishes contribute to making the journey worth remembering.  You also have an option to pre-book your preferred meal options while doing a web check-in. Their timing is very good. In fact, I got woken up by a beautiful air hostess for my breakfast in about half an hour after the flight took off. And that is fast! Even lunch was served well before landing time, so we could finish our meal leisurely and clean up after.

In-flight entertainment

For the whole duration of my trip, apart from the first 15-20 minutes, I didn’t sleep at all. Why? Because there was too much not to miss. Their video selection is top-notch, with some great new and latest hit movies in the collection. They have some classic vintage and regular, loved rom-coms as well. So I actually lined up three great movies to watch during the whole journey.

The magazine, Islander, is a classy, elegant touch that gives you a show of the whole look and feel of the paradise island you’re headed to. With its sophisticated design and layout, the magazine also makes sure of its curated content. For those travelling on business or the ones who wish to invest in Mauritius, Islander also serves as a source of value-added business information.

Before I forget, let me also take this opportunity to mention that Air Mauritius has some wonderful in-flight digital magazines on board as well. All the passengers get a complimentary access to over 7,000 digital newspapers and magazines from around the world. With PressReader, they can search, download, and read publications right from your own device before, during, and even after the flight.

Image credit: Air Mauritius

For more information on how to access the digital magazines, here’s a link you can follow:

Lounge Access

The Amédée Maingard Lounge is the luxury lounge at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, which I was fortunate enough to explore, was vibrant coat luxury and comfort. This award-winning lounge is situated in a coveted location which extends over a sprawling space of 1860 square metres, offering comfortable seating for up to 400 guests. The restful environment is child-friendly, and offers some great culinary delights. And drinks galore!