How does it feel to sit at the rear seat of Toyota Yaris

Toyota's new sedan Yaris is fit for mid level executives who are looking to notch up their statement game

Toyota is bringing its new sedan Yaris to compete with the likes of Suzuki Ciaz and Hyundai Verna. At a time when we were expecting Rush , a compact SUV that has already been launched in the European markets, this sedan isn’t really out of the blue moon. If the insiders are to be believed, the Japanese auto giant has been planning this one for quite some time.

We were at Bengaluru to test drive the sedan before it gets rolled out for public in mid-May. The bookings are to kick off from this month end.

So what is it like to sit in this car driven by chauffeur?
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Well, there is one word plush. Be it the ride experience and the looks – there is some serious premiumness throughout.

I got to ride a Pearl White and a Wildfire Red Yaris during the course of the drive. From outside the sedan looks stunning. The first thing I noticed, when it arrived at the porch of Taj Bangalore was the nose. The projectile headlamps look quite similar to Corolla. The space between two headlamps is of signature Toyota in terms of design.
The wide grill of the car looks tranquil and not at all wild. At an instant, I knew, the car is meant for mid-level decision makers of MNCs. The bonnet is muscular and there is a curved muscle in the fender that lends the car a passionate look.

The Day time Running Lights are an absolute addition to the pretty face.

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As the luggage got stored in the trunk of the car, I noticed, that’s pretty huge. At least four to five midsize Stroller Bags will fit into it easily. As I settled inside the car it looks airy with the beige interior. At a 36 degree Bengaluru weather I wanted to increase the cooling. As I reached for the vent and regulator between two front seats, I realized the vents are provided on the ceiling along with blue ambient lighting. What a great engineering! And the cabin cooled from a 36 degree heated one to 26 degree in a matter of two and a half minute. What a relief!
No, it’s not meant to fit three people in the rear seat because of the hump and the storage box that extends behind. That’s one reason to disappoint. Though meant for nuclear families, a chauffeur driven car with one of the members sitting in the front isn’t what I would like when going to evening soirees.
There is an arm rest in the rear seat with cup holders. The top model also get a rear sunscreen, which will help to stay the car cooler. If the makers of the sedan is to be believed, this car won’t heat up crazily even if left outside in the sun for hours because of a specialized insulation. This is a major relief from those heated plastic and saves on AC.

There is a waterfall designed central console that lodges the seven inch infotainment screen.
What is missed in the car is sunroof! Long drives to the hills without sunroof is a major turn off.

Ride Experience

Be it the automatic one or the manual, the ride experience is smooth. The cornering of the car doesn’t bother, which means when the car turns in speed, many cars give you a feeling being thrown out of the seat. But this one doesn’t. Besides in rough roads, this car absorbed the bumps quite well. The side windows are quite big and give you a feeling of airiness into the cabin.
There is ample kneeroom and it wouldn’t be much tiring in long drives.

Yaris comes with seven airbags from the base variant. So there is no way you feel unsafe inside the car.

The actual price of the car will be revealed when the car gets officially launched. Ideally it should be priced between Rs 9 lakh and Rs 13 lakh.

There will be only petrol variants of the car available as of now.