The 7 step guide of buying the right perfume for you

Ever wondered why perfumes are expensive! There's a lot of brain storming and handicraft that go inside the pretty little bottle. No more will you fumble over which fragrance to choose from.


Buying yourself a perfume is much difficult than buying it for someone. Because perfume shopping is one of the trickiest. Not just the fragrance, you ponder over whether the fragrance going to last or is it worth the money. So in this story, we tell you how to select a perfume perfectly suited for you.

How to choose your base
Theme is very crucial while buying your scent. It’s theme of the perfume that creates variations among fragrances. Also known as accord, they depend on formula of the perfume.

There are four bases of perfume:
Citrus: Lemon and orange are known for refreshing and light scent. The scents based on citrus are rich is citric acid.
Earth: This brings a surreal mystery with it. Earthy tone is derived from minerals or non-flowering plants such as cinnamon, vanilla, honey and sandalwood.
Musk: Original or the highly expensive musk are made from sacs of civet and Asian musk deer. However the ones you get in supermarkets are made in the laboratory.
Floral: Floral base is the most popular formula in the world. These are made from essence of flowers and have a clingy sweet fragrance.

How to choose the concentration:
In vanilla language to speak of, concentration indicates how pure a perfume is. Purest the oil is used, expensive is the perfume. The oil is mixed with ethyl alcohol to prevent its volatility and made into perfume.

Parfum is the concentration that contains the maximum amount of oil. One spray and you are good to go for 12 hours at a stretch.

Eau de parfum is the concentration that is lower than parfum. However this one lasts for six hours after application.

Eau de toilette
is the one in which the oil is much diluted. These are available across stores. A single spray lasts up to four hours.

Eau de cologne the most diluted form of perfume. A spray lasts for two hours and costs the least among all.
Now let’s come to how to shop for the perfume that suits you
Step 1: Take blotters and spray them at a distance of about 15 centimetres. Wait for 30 seconds and now smell.

Step 2: Keep the blotter a few centimetres away from your nose.

Step 3: Don’t believe in the first smell. Perfumes have three notes. You just smelt the top one. Wait for a while and smell again. This time it may smell different.

Step 4:
Be open. If you hate jasmine and a perfume has jasmine as an ingredient doesn’t mean it’s the same. Oil and flower are two different.

Step 5:
Now zero in on the one that you think goes with your personality. To know that you have to be imaginative. Think of the perfume that would calm you when you are stressed. Now you know which one to buy.

Step 6: When brought home, store it away from light, heat and moist.

Step 7: If perfume is special, consider keeping inside fridge.

How to choose your perfume?

Pulkit Malhotra of Mocemsa Perfume said, “I believe one’s choice of perfume is very personal. Just like everyone does not have the same choice in food but then again sometimes suggestions from others may become your preferences as well. So as the tongue plays a vital role in determining your preferred food choices the nose is the deciding factor in perfumes. So one should be always open to new things and not just stick to your signature fragrance.

First and foremost, a woman must be aware of her own personality. Is she a sporty person (aquatic or light fruity with floral mix notes), outgoing/adventurous (little musky, spicy and leathery notes) or likes to remain indoors (floral notes or floral notes mixed with a fruit) all these characteristics knowingly or unknowingly define your fragrance choice.”

“The climatic conditions should also be looked upon, as what you wear in summers will not necessarily be good for winters as well. In summers the choices are light florals, fruity fragrances whereas, in winters you would prefer to wear strong florals, gourmand even musky and masculine fragrances.”

“Lastly, the occasion is also very important. Just like you should be dressed perfect for the occasion your choice of potion must also be complimenting.”