5 tips for affordable home decor for a newly married couple

With new couples taking oath, there are a lot of responsibilities bestowed upon them

The season of wedding is here. With new couples taking oath, there are a lot of responsibilities bestowed upon them. Right from keeping up with their vows to doing up their new home. Well, setting up a new home is fun but it brings with it a terrible stress of doing it right. But no long would you need to fret over which colour of bed sheet to be bought to which carpet is right for you. We have tips from Sonam Gupta, design head of Tangerine, a designer brand of Home Offering, which is a part of the Indian Home Variations (IHV).

Sonam says, “Even before you start planning the home interiors, it is wise to not underplay the fact of- everyday styling. Since the mood is just right for you to unleash the personal creativity, the routine styling will give you a bigger and wider platform to experiment and stay focused. Get ready to explore more using the versatile world of the internet and to do so in comfort.”

Here are few tips to easily manage your style and budget at home.

Draw the curtain sheets right
The colour or the material type you use will reflect your mood at home. For example, dark window draperies will not make you feel any good during the winters if a black or a maroon makes you feel mentally lethargic. On the contrary, you can use medium shades like soft blues or reds, or the monochrome pattern of black and white to add glory and comfort together.

The bed covers need a similar approach
There is plenty to shop for bed sheet colours and patterns. Always choose a design which rejuvenates your senses and makes you relax. The bed is the place where you find solace towards the end of the day and you don’t need a colour or style which you personally dislike or feel repulsive of.

Add a lot of pillows and cushions to be at ease
There is so much available today like beautiful painting draws or handcrafted cushion covers to bring in comfort and beauty both. You are already doing it; so now, just find new ways to feel at home.

Always try and use cloth or material which is comforting and free of body-odour

If you think cotton bed sheets cannot be decorative, then, try and revisit your options and find out how so much is being done to match creativity with comfort. The cotton bunch is making impressions all the way, using natural materials, colours, and even, anatural element from your life such as a Mumbai street draw or a beach holiday impression to give you enough dope to initiate long conversations.

Using rugs at home is both stylish and hygienic
One, it keeps the dirt from resting on the floor and two, it is really getting bigger on styles like the oriental draws or colourful patterns. It never means a dull moment at home. The rainy season brings in a lot of dust and dirt from the outside. Only if you can keep an easily washable rug at the doorstep, followed by small square layovers in the living room, can you manage cleanliness and style the right way. These rugs are a perfect fitment to appear cool and stay calm during the initial guest’s visits at home.

It is time to do the unthinkable but approachable with home decoration. It is for everlasting bonding and impressions at home.

(Image: Pixabay)