#3Bros is an easy-going premium diner for the weary office folk

Perfect for small-scale office parties and meetings, #3Bros gives a great ambiance that can be followed by some good food

Right outside Noida’s sector 63 metro station is a hub of up and coming restaurants and diners that cater to a main tribe of people – the office goers from the surrounding area. Sector 63 has a growing rate of new industries coming up, with factories and corporate offices alike, which is directly proportional to the growing rate of employment in and around Noida’s Electronic City.  With several restaurants that set up shop in recent years, one mentionable one is definitely the newly launched #3Bros.

Designed more like an easy-going diner, #3Bros is just above Dominos and is pretty easy to find. You get down from the Sector 63 metro station concourse, and voila! You can literally see the building from across the street. As you climb up the stairs, you can feel the vibe changing to a slightly different one than what the area has been used to. The central spot of the diner has a live music theatre, which can, on request and pre-booking, be changed to a presentation screen. Perfect for small-scale office parties and meetings, #3Bros gives a great ambiance that can be followed by some good food. With space for buffet arrangement, #3Bros has it sorted out pretty well.

The restaurant stresses on being a family-friendly place, with plans to expand themselves further as a kid-friendly diner with specific characters for entertaining little ones. This is another reason they do not serve alcohol, however, for a party or for booked occasions, they will morph into your requirements. But this should not take away the fact at how delicious their non-alcoholic beverages are.

The menu has good options to choose from. The menu categories at #3Bros is actually well researched, in the sense that the majority of the middle-class working folk in Noida go for these specific types of cuisines and dishes listed out. They have mouth-watering sizzlers and delicate, delicious dim-sums, along with some wonderful oriental bowls and some delectable European dishes as well. What’s more, they have a fun way to involve kids with a Kid’s section on the menu, where they serve different types of fries, scrambled eggs, small pizzas, and ice-creams.

All in all, this casual premium dining space shares a space amongst some of the big brands, giving the locals a “refreshing newness with a modern take on fusion food and music. From choosy youngsters to indulgent kids, the place has something for everyone. From wholesome Tropical Hawaiian Salad to Fried Dumplings, the tempting menu at #3Bros is all set to entice its audience with food that bonds overall palates and ages.”

The best part is, the food is actually good and easy on the pocket!

Address: #3Bros — Plot H1A/19, Above Dominos, Near Electronic City Metro Station, Sector 63, Noida